Dale Evanoff

Videographer, Editor, Storyteller 
I've been capturing video in the Erie Area for over 40 years.  Working in a  freelance capacity for the past 2 and a half decades.  I specialize in videomaking for the nonprofit arena, legal video support for the region and capturing meetings or seminars and integrating powerpoint for future training .
I make videos designed to transform the reach, impact, and perception of your nonprofit organization.  I provide clients with video rivaling the quality of any commercial production house at a fraction of the cost.
I supply nonprofits with video that help them train, motivate, raise funds and increase awareness.  DVD authoring, encoding, YouTube and Facebook video, capturing speakers for training or for archival are some of the other tasks that can help your organization.
   I specialize in providing the highest quality video depositions, CLE training, and more for the the top law firms in Erie and Pittsburgh, as well as for individual attorneys and court reporting agencies.
I work and travel in northwestern and central Pennsylvania and western New York. With over 30 years of production experience,  I take pride in providing legal teams with the most professional and reliable video service available.
You can book me directly as I work with most local and regional reporting agencies.
Capturing your event is an incredibly effective way to show your knowledge, expertise and value to your target audience in a variety of formats for different platforms. 
​I specialize in video production and distribution for athletic, academic, and corporate events.  Creating a video of your event, allows you to reach your audience or help with training your organization.

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